Full Papers

Here are the slides for presentations where I have had permission to share them:

Claire Markham presentation

Tom Mordue presentation – Wind Farms

Mahdieh Zeinali presentation slides

Gabrielle Parkes

Claire Seaman

Price et al Broadband REC

Lakshmi Khan & Vortelinos

LIKA_rural_soc_ent_Lincoln016 (Anita Busljeta, Croatia)

And below are links to all of the full papers submitted to the conference.  Please do not cite these without the permission of the authors.

Chapman and Weaver

Bosworth & Turner


Newbery & Roderick

Jagger et al

Cabras & Lau

Fuller et al Anticipating Technological Futures 2016

Mackay and Nelson

Methorst Roep & Verstegen

Lane and Jones

Parkes and Gilbert

Perdomo de Zeeuw Lakshmi Vahl


Sogaard and Aagaard


Kroesen & Ndegwah

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